Cycling Full Circle
Cycling Full Circle 

September 2008

6 September 2008 - Chlorakos, Cyprus

I am a triple-happy bunny: 

1)  I had my first Skype (video) call to my children a couple of nights ago.  It's the first time I have seen them in 4 months and it was so, SO wonderful.  Modern technology is truly amazing

2)  I was granted leave, after some persistence, to take my bike on board a passenger-only cruise ship to Egypt.  Oh, joy.  Otherwise, it would have meant flying again (not on your nelly, not with my bike, if I can at all help it) or cycling to northern Cyprus, ferry to Turkey and then sort a way to get to Egypt! 

3)  I have been offered help by an Iranian couple, whom I met 18 months ago when last in Cyprus,  to obtain my Iranian visa (instead of going through an agency and paying a hundred pounds!). 


So, having shed the slough of despondency, I am delighted to be upbeat again.  I count my blessings each day.

I am enjoying the extended stay with my father.  He enjoys my company and we are setting things in place, so that, when I leave, it won't be too much of a void for him. 

I also have the opportunity to sort things out for myself:  my ongoing baggage; maps and phrasebooks;  getting my bike fixed;  trying to do something with my website.  I am also likely to be visiting a deaf project, jointly partnered with Centre for Deaf Studies in Bristol and the deaf organisation here in Cyprus.


17 September 2008 - Chlorakas (yes, still here)


Right, then, so what's been happening, trip-wise, since my last entry?


Well, my knee is fully healed;  it just now needs to be strengthened.  To this end, I started cycling a week ago, between 20-25 kms a day, taking it fairly easy.  And, at last, I am today starting some rehabilitation programme with a sports therapist.


I have my ticket for the cruiser ferry to Port Said, for which I'd like to say a big 'thank you' to Solon and Iliana at the Louis Cruise Lines office, who organised me as a 'passenger accompanied by bicycle'.

I  am over the moon;   as, otherwise, it would have meant me cycling to north Cyprus, then to Turkey and then ... well. then a long, long way to get me to Egypt!!

I depart from my father's on Saturday 27 September,  cycling just 40 klicks to Pissouri, staying overnight with friends of my father, thence to Limassol on Sunday, staying with a friend from when I worked in the Middle East, ready to embark the next afternoon headed for the Suez Canal and the pyramids.  Great! Really exciting.

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