Cycling Full Circle
Cycling Full Circle 




During lockdown I did as much cycling as I could locally; but once it was eased I've not been out as much. It was so wonderful having quiet, so quiet, roads to ride on, don't you think, during that time. How spoilt we were :-)  


During lockdown, my church, along with hundreds of others throughout the country, went Live-streaming: mostly Sunday services, but also services, meditations and activities over the Easter period.

Being a lay minister, one of my contributions was a series of 12 Wednesday Midweek Musings that combined my cycling trip with thoughts about the current situation. They range between 9 and 20 minutes (or so) long and can be found here, if you'd like to take a look.  The link arrives at Almondsbury Church website videos page, where, if you scroll down, you'll see a host of videos, including Midweek Musings :-). The first one was on 22 April.  Just to warn you, there are a couple that have to be viewed sideways!  And, at least one of them (no. 1)  sticks at 1 minute, but I found that dragging the timeline forwards a couple of seconds seems to resolve that :-)


Recently I was in Waterstones (Cribbs Causeway) and saw the following:










The label reads:



Middle aged mum and local lady Astrid sets off on a 20,000 mile journey to kick-start her second half century.

Aren't Waterstones wonderful!?! :-) 

They have been fully supportive ever since my book came out (7 years ago!) by displaying it prominently (ie face outwards) - and now with this added bit of promotion.

Thank you, Paul, particularly, for all your encouragement and enthusiasm in disseminating interest for Cycling Full Circle  :-)  :-)


It's been an age since my last entry, mainly because I've not been cycling much this last year. I've missed it hugely, though, and so intend to make sure I have some kind of mini trip this year :-)


However, I had one or two Warmshowers guests staying, which helped me keep in touch with the cycle touring ethos of mutual hospitality :-)

Stuart and Cheryl stayed a night whilst cycling JOGLE (John O'Groats to Land's End).



Dee and her 14-year old grandson were cycling from the Midlands to Cornwall - his first major ride. What a plucky lad - it was no mean feat!

Mike - also cycling JOGLE.







A young family from the Czech Republic stayed. Veronika and Oldrich with their 2 small boys ( Olík 6 and Vojitk 3.5 yrs ) were on a  7-month, 13,000 mile, European trip.

How about that, then?! :-)

Cycling Full Circle


My book continues to be stocked in Waterstones, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol. Brill!!  :-)

It is also currently being prominently displayed at my local library!   :-)  I've seen it during the last few weeks I've been there :-)

And is still available in e-book form (Kindle and non-Kindle).

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