Cycling Full Circle
Cycling Full Circle 




Finally, after months of not cycling very much (I'm very wimpish these days), I felt I've got back in the saddle, after enjoying a short cycle ride today. As a result, I'm keen to be cycling regularly again.

Today's route incorporated Aust coffee morning (coffee, choc cake and chat with the locals), then Routes 4 & 41 to Severn Beach, a lovely scenic route, carrying on along to Compton Greenfield, made interesting by going through the industrial estate. All Saints Church at Compton Greenfield and on to Pilning, then past The Plough (without stopping!) and back to Almondsbury, where I collapsed onto an inviting chair in our Community Shop to recover :-). The last leg home involved  a steep ascent from the village up to the busy A38. I used to be able to cycle all the way up, but currently am obliged to walk the last section :-(


The rain desisted from dampening the joy of my ride, even allowing the sun to show its welcome face for a short while.

Aust coffee morning is the 2nd Saturday of every month and has become a regular with some of us from the village ever since we discovered it on a church bike ride last September during the Ride + Stride event.



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