Cycling Full Circle
Cycling Full Circle 




Finally, I'm putting fingers to keys and writing an entry for this year!


I think, because I've not been cycling much of late, then there's been nothing particular to say on this site. Even so, I know I'm interested in what other cyclists do during their down times, so here we are. :-)


This entry was prompted by a programme just finished on Radio 4 about the disastrous shuttle launch in 1986. Might sound odd, but it reminded me that I'd seen the last ever night shuttle launch when I was on my cycling trip, going down the Florida coast. I was staying with a Warmshowers host and here is the entry from my book:


In Cocoa, a friend of the Warm Showers host works a few miles away
at Cape Canaveral. He obligingly rings her at 4 am, she in turn wakes
me, we then stumble sleepily in our pyjamas to stand outside her house,
gleefully awaiting an historic event. It should have taken place the
previous night, but was delayed due to adverse weather conditions.


We stare into the darkness, ears and eyes bristling. Eventually, a
yellow light appears on the horizon, soundlessly spreading in a radiating
band, silhouetting trees. After a minute a white light like a brilliant star,
rises upwards into the pitch black. Gradually, we become aware of the
noise of the engines, short lived. The star appears to pause, suspended in
mid black, our unblinking eyes transfixed, until . . . poof! The Shuttle
disappears through the atmosphere and into space. This is the last night
launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour, in the early hours of Monday
8 February 2010. Momentous event over, we return to our beds.

Not a particularly spectacular pic of the launch :-( I seem to have lost a couple to the ether. :-(



Although I've not been cycling much, I am still doing cycling things, noteably continuing to be booked to give talks about my trip. :-)

And I'm still selling my book, including through Waterstones, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol and online (hard copies and ebooks).


As I mentioned in my last entry, I had toyed with the idea of a 10-year anniversary trip next year, 2018, but now it would seem most likely to be when I retire, ostensibly in 2022. In the meantime, I'll stick with shorter excursions. So, following on from the C2C Devon last year, I thought I might do C2C Cumbria this year. There are a few routes, but the one that appeals is the Hadrian Wall route (probably because it's desctribed as a family route - ie predominantly flat! But, having felt I'd been misled with a similar description of the Devon route, I'm rather dubious that it will pan out as expected). Depending on how I get on, I thought I'd then cycle down to Hull, as City of Culture. Having acquired a Senior railcard earlier this year (there are some advantages to being 60), it seems prudent to  use the train either end of the trip.

Yeah, yeah, it's all well and good having plans, but the testing thing is whether or not I carry them out. :-) I'd better start getting back on my bike, then, and getting my legs going again - they certainly need it!

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