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The Leprosy Mission

Did you know that there is still leprosy in the world, disaffecting sufferers physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually?  And yet, all this can, so easily, be prevented!

The Leprosy Mission is an international charity that aims 'to uphold human dignity and to eradicate leprosy '.  I hope that you will go to TLM website and have a look at their aims and their work.  It would be great if you would then decide to support them in some way, either by buying products made by leprosy victims or by making donations.

Leprosy Mission Nepal, Anandaban Hospital

Whilst on my trip, I had the pleasure and privilege of visiting the TLM hospital and a leprosy colony in Delhi, India; and Anandaban Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre near Kathmandu, Nepal.

This particular group were working to overcome the stigma attached to leprosy, which causes so much unnecessary hardship to victims and their families.


They were going into schools, advocating the admission of children who were being denied access because their parent(s) had leprosy. Without access to an education, such children would have no chance of any kind of livelihood.



Stigma prevents early diagnosis of the disease, which leads to major deformities that require extensive corrective surgery.


All it takes to cure a person of leprosy is completion of a course of multi-drug therapy .



This sweet elderly man has had a second amputation, 20 years after his first. Even though he came from a loving and supportive family, there is still ignorance of the disease in remote areas, which can also lead to delayed diagnosis and subsequent disability.


Despite his disabilities, and with no rejection from his family and community, this man has maintained his living as a farmer and would return to this following discharge from Anandaban hospital.

On my return, TLM (England and Wales) organised a fantastic welcome home party for me in my village, complete with an amazing cake, accompanied by media interest and press coverage.

The flags are those of the countries I visited. The wheel even shows the correct type of valve on my bike.


I hope this event and my trip have helped raise awareness of the work of this wonderful charity.

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