Cycling Full Circle
Cycling Full Circle 

So, now what am I up to?

I always feel a sense of frustration when a website suddenly stops, leaving you hanging in mid-air, wondering a worst-case scenario. Life does not cease on completion of a trip. If anything, it is the beginning of something new. From a personal point of view, this had always been one of the aims of my cycling trip. It is why I have continued my journal, mainly as a monthly update, with a couple of extras thrown in, as and when.

If you would like to be included on an email list informing you of journal updates, drop me an email. It saves you the hassle of sporadically logging onto the site on the offchance of there being something to look at (and, of course, prevents me from becoming 'out of sight, out of mind').    ;-)

For information on how to buy my book:Cycling Full Circle: a lone woman's 2-year pilgrimage round the world, click on image.

In the meantime, good to have your company. 


                                                   Astrid x

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