Cycling Full Circle
Cycling Full Circle 

Proposed Route

My route has come about to some extent on the dictat that I do not plan to fly anywhere;  the shortest sea routes, therefore, being in the northern hemisphere, mean that I shall not be seeing friends in Australia or Chile;  next time, maybe.


I reckon my route will be about 20,000 miles.  I plan to do this is in 24 months, leaving me 3 months on my return home to re-acclimatise before resuming work.


This, then, is my proposed route.  However, good advice seems to be that I should really go on the premise that there should only be 2 fixed things about it:  the start location (home) and the end location (home);  anything in between being totally flexible.


By the way, the green triangle in the Caribbean is a hoped-for side trip to sail, somehow or other, through the Panama Canal and to visit Santa Domingo in the Dominican Republic ('cos that's from where my name came).


A significant number of people have expressed the idea of possibly meeting up with me at various stages of my route.  With this in mind, I thought it might be an idea to suggest when I might, repeat MIGHT, be in country in particular months, as follows:


May: UK (6,7 (possibly 8) May - Bristol to Poole; Normandy, Brittany, northern Spain to Santiago de Compostela.
June: Mediterranean France and Italy.
July:   Italy
August: Greece
September:  Turkey
September:  Cyprus
October:  Middle East
November:  Middle East
December:  Iran


January:  Iran, Emirates, Oman
February: India
March: Nepal, Tibet
April:  China
May:  Japan
June:  Japan
July:  Alaska, Canada
August:  Canada, USA - West Coast
Sept-Dec:  West Coast


January-April:  West Coast,  Miami, (Panama Canal, Santa Domingo)
April-May:  who knows?!  Canaries? Morocco? Spain? Ireland?  Hamburg? Southampton?
May:  Almondsbury, Bristol, UK (ie. home sweet home again).



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