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In May 2008, I left my home near Bristol to cycle solo round the world for two years, returning 2 years minus 2 days and 20,000 miles later in May 2010, during which time I posted an online journal and photos.


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Since my trip, my life has changed direction. In March 2011, I accepted voluntary redundancy from my job at the Centre for Deaf Studies at Bristol University, presenting me with the opportunity to work on writing a book on my trip experience.

But doesn't it take much longer than expected?! I had naively thought I could complete it by December 2011. Instead, Cycling Full Circle: a lone woman's 2-year pilgrimage round the world, went to press in May 2012.

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Travelling by bicycle enables encounters and experiences with people and nature that would not happen in the cocoon of a vehicle. The sensation of sun, wind, rain, breeze, showers, frost, fog on the body is a glorious feeling, even if not fully appreciated at the time! The hospitality of and interaction with diverse peoples, cultures and faiths is humbling and heartening and remains with one for ever.


The whole venture was a three-fold journey of discovery: to realise that it is possible to do much more than I ever thought I could; to discover that the world is far friendlier and less frightening than is generally thought to be; to know that God is the best travelling companion. My trip has taught me to live much more in the present and not to worry unduly about the future, which tends to take care of itself, especially if viewed with an open mind.


Travel definitely broadens the mind - and also the heart.


Bon Camino!

                                                     Astrid x

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