Some websites which might interest you

+  Alastair is a round-the-world solo cyclist, now cum adventurer

+  Tom cycles around the world looking for the best dishes

+     Cairo Deaf Unit (Deaf School/Deaf Association)

+ (deaf Persian rug-maker)

+     St Johns Street Cycles (Thorn bikes)

+    Dominic cycled on a tandem with trailer from top to toe North to South America

+  Ken will be cycling for about 4 years around the world, setting off September 2009

+    Philip and Manu cycling from Anchorage, Alaska, to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina taking about  18 months 2009-10.

+   Jean cycled tip to toe of South America in 2009.

+  Steve set off in January 2010 to cycle the length of the 6 continents over a period of about 5 years.

+      paintsandpedalsworldbybike   Deborah's cycling trip, set off May 2010